Join the Campaign for Youth Opportunity!

Take a virtual tour of our new building, led by Y.O.U. sophomore, Brazah!

Y.O.U.’s Campaign for Youth Opportunity is a community engagement and $15 million fundraising effort aimed at improving the lives of our community’s youth and families. Through this campaign, Y.O.U. aims to:

Expand and sustain high-quality services.
Our programs make a lasting impact by building deep relationships between our youth and staff. We join youth right where they are every day after school. We get to know their teachers and families. Over the summer, we continue these relationships in camps and special programs. Our youth have fun and gain skills, but they also learn to trust Y.O.U. and our counseling services in times of trouble. Through this campaign, we can sustain and expand our programs and provide more than 1,500 youth with the support they need to thrive.

Build a transformational center for youth learning.
Our youth deserve imaginative spaces in which to grow and learn. Our new youth center will be located right across the street from Evanston Township High School. Here’s a glimpse of what’s planned: a “maker lab” to immerse youth in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math challenges; counseling rooms that will allow youth and their families to receive mental health support in a comfortable, confidential setting; and a demonstration kitchen and teaching garden where youth will learn nutrition, cooking, and gardening. 

Ensure the organization’s long-term stability.
Our youth and families deserve to feel confident that our programs will be there to support their needs, even amidst government funding uncertainty. Just as Y.O.U. builds a safety net of supportive relationships and services for our youth, this campaign aims to create its own safety net of resources by building Y.O.U.’s first ever endowment and 90-day cash reserve. This will ensure we can consistently provide our high-quality programs.

How You Can Get Involved

Successfully completing the Campaign will mean involving more than 2,500 community members in learning and volunteering events aimed at addressing the opportunity gap, as well as meeting a $15 million fundraising goal. Through the Campaign for Youth Opportunity, every person in the community has the chance to be part of this exciting moment of expanding opportunity for youth by:

Learning about the “opportunity gap” and how it affects us locally and nationally.
Join us for Diverse Communities United (DCU) on January 16, 2017 from 1:00 to 2:30 p.m. at the ETHS auditorium. DCU is a community-wide celebration of peace, diversity, unity, leadership and service. Held on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, it features art and youth performances to celebrate Dr. King’s legacy.

Volunteering to provide opportunities to youth.
Share your time and talents to create a world of opportunity for youth. Volunteers wrap presents for youth during the holiday season, help prepare our garden for the spring, and organize school supplies for our fall drive. If you’d like to volunteer, reach out to Becky Moore at or by calling (847) 866-1200 ext. 233. 

Investing in Y.O.U. to grow the organization’s reach and impact.
With your help, the Campaign for Youth Opportunity will catapult Y.O.U. into the next phase of its life as an organization – a phase where even more youth can learn, excel and access opportunities. Please consider supporting the campaign with a charitable contribution.


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